Products & Brochures

Gift Collection    

Fall Fundraising Brochure - A unique blend of high-quality gifts and useful items. Gift wrap, accessories, foods and much more.


Koru   Charming
Grace with Style - NEW - A collection of high quality inspirational decorations for your home, jewelry and trendy products. Unique designs that will make everyone smile.   Velvet Couture



Flower Bulbs   Flower Seeds

Art in Nature - Make your garden come to life with this great selection of flower bulbs. 100% guaranteed.


SuccesSeeds - This brochure offers the best seeds for your flower garden and other applications around the home. 100% guaranteed.


Delisheries Mixes   Laurie's Kitchen

All Natural Premium Mixes - featuring dry mix cookie dough that requires no refrigeration.


Laurie's Kitchen - The very best in quick and convenient food creations that you can make in minutes. Soups, dips, desserts and much more.


Ultimate Beverage Collection   Timeless Traditions

The Ultimate Beverage Collection - Boston's Best Coffee roasters offering flavored coffee, iced tea and smoothie mixes.



Timeless Traditions - A great collection of Wisconsin's very best cheese spreads, chocolates and snacks.


Earth Candles   Saratoga Sweets

Earth Candles - Soy-based candles that are earth-friendly, and will fill your home with your favorite scent.



Spring Sweets


EnviroVogue   Healthy Creations

ChicoBag - Trendy bags with unique patterns, made from recycled products.



Healthy Creations - Healthy products that offer organic mixes, whole grain products and many other choices.